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Arianne Garden Vazquez is a filmmaker and educator. She has over 20 years experience working with independent film/video production and media art projects. She has worked as Editor, Writer, Assistant Director, and Director for independent films in Cuba, New York City, San Francisco and Seattle. She has worked on Seattle-based commercials and films with Amazon and Microsoft as well as producing short films, documentaries and book trailers. Currently she is Project Manager for a national digital storytelling project focused on immigrant stories. The project was piloted by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and is expanding to local sites with funding from the City of Seattle.

She taught media programs for ten years in the Bay Area and directed an annual film festival at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.  She was a board member of Artists' Television Access. She was Artist-In-Residence at Southern Exposure, where she taught photography and multimedia at local schools and to homeless girls. She was Director of EPOCA, a Multimedia Community Theater Troupe based in Brooklyn. She moved to Seattle in 2005 and fell in love with its cultural diversity and unique arts ethos. As a Program Director she has supervised and developed media programs most recently with Emergency PressSeattle YMCA, El Puente Academy for Peace & JusticeMuckleshoot Tribal SchoolBabuKaju Productions and Van Kleek Productions.

Her focus as a media educator has been in creating a new system of learning that challenges hegemony and mainstream aesthetics. She works with community agencies to promote the democratization of the creative process. Her professional and personal goals are to ensure all people have access to art as well as the tools necessary for self-expression. 

Ms. Garden Vazquez has published multimedia curricula through Community LORE's Harvard Family Research Project. The curricula is based on project-oriented and student-centered learning that sets achievable goals to ensure student success. She uses media education in integrated lessons which she has found is the perfect teaching tool for addressing different learning modalities.

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